BleachSafe® Neck Strips are the best neck strips for your money. With BleachSafe® technology you will be able to wash out tough stains and prevent your Neck Strips from looking dirty & old. And because BleachSafe® renders the Neck Strips impervious to bleaches & peroxides, you no longer need to worry about bleach spots ruining your Neck Strips. You can safely use Clorox or chlorine bleach without damaging or even fading the color! BleachSafe® technology is in each & every fiber and will last the life of the Neck Strip. It is NOT a coating, will NOT wash away and will NOT affect absorbency.

BleachSafe® Neck Strips are:
• Soft and fade resistant
• Absorbent and dry quickly
• Double stitched to prevent fraying
• 30% thicker than economy neck strips
• 100% BleachSafe®

Read more about this innovative and revolutionary technology on our BleachSafe® blog.

How to bleach neck strips by BleachSafe®: when using any bleach, follow the instructions given by the bleach manufacturer.

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Size 3 1/4 x 22 inches

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BleachSafe® Neck Strips: 3 1/4 x 22

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  • $12.00

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