Soft and Absorbent.

Made from 100% cotton and color that doesn’t bleach.

Bleach Out Germs, Stains & Smells

The BleachSafe® Towel is the perfect gym companion.

Durable and long lasting

BleachSafe® Towels. Easy to keep looking clean and perfectly appetizing for restaurants or coffee shops.

Innovation by BluSand

Our passion at BluSand Beauty is to innovate and create better solutions to old problems. Our products are meant to make your life better!


The Original BleachSafe® Towel

Our BleachSafe® Technology let’s you bleach out tough stains from hair dyes, coffee, food or any other staining agents without damaging the color of the towels. AND no more spots from from hair bleaches or acetone!

They're great for hair, nail, and tanning salons, gyms, coffee houses, and restaurants.  They make great kitchen and side towels.

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Sprush® Applicators

The Sprush® is not only superior in performance, but it also cuts your application time and the amount of product you need in half - saving you time and money.  Take your hair color application to the next level with precision and amazing results.

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Skin Protectors

To avoid stains from hair dyes or irritated skin from waxing try our Skin Protectors.

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