Make Runway Hair and Nail Trends a Reality

Ever consider broadening expertise to include being a style advisor in addition to working as a hair or nail professional? You are in charge of making your clients trendsetters.  So, in preparation for guiding them to welcome 2018, in a trendy way-Come take a glimpse into the runway looks that will shape hair and nail beauty in the new year.
Step right up and look in our Fashion Week ball where you will see the coolest most creative takes on beauty and style to adapt for your client's hair or nail glamour.


Hair is such an important part of telling a client’s story. It shows our mood, our personality and can reveal our desires and self- perceptions.  Tresses send a message about looking sexy, understated, or mysterious.  Whether we show it through color, length or adornments, hair delivers the message loud and clear.

Every season, models and eye-catching interpretations of the color hair palate.
In 2018, Blonde is back, and it is fabulous!  Marie Claire  predicts that Ice Blonde will be a hit. This very cool hue can be layered with complimentary pastels like light blue, pink and lilac or lavender.  Anyone can take the plunge into blonde these days and can modernize the timeless look by picking the pastel best suiting personality and skin tone.

Skin Tone
While the ice princess style is a great way to energize your clients' style vibe, check out Refinery 29's post about stylists like Jack Howard of the Paul Edmonds Salon in London and their gold and silver metallic hair color techniques that are in increasingly high demand.  Gone are the days that demand subtle and natural color choices.  Fashion Week around the globe suggests that this year's hair trends are all about living your modern fantasy.   Stay on top of it and help your customers find and live their truest self through variations of these bold colors.

Hair Accessories
As if transforming clients with shimmering and lustrous color isn't enough?   The Hair accoutrements that sauntered down the runway this fall made a huge statement.    Vogue lauds artistic bling in the form of majorly decorative barrette and scrunchie like pieces highlighted on the catwalk.
The classic ponytail reemerged in many of the shows during Fashion Week complete with wisps and waves.  What better way to top off such a versatile style than with a floral ponytail wrap over the ponytail. The takeaway lesson is that this hair ornament is easily recreatable for clients in your salon for a fashion forward addition to a decade old go-to hair style.
By contrast Dolce & Gabbana came at runway followers with bejeweled headpieces that appeared to be inspired by crowns.    Truly a fantastic effect, who would expect anything less from the famed fashion house. The bottom line is that a contemporary interpretation of the princess tiara will be great to linger in your tool kit until prom and wedding season when every girl wants her hair stylist to coax out her inner princess.
Also noted by Vogue, was threading neon string in the hair to compliment shocking shades of pink, orange and red worn on lips and cheeks.

On the runway conventional wisdom was mixed for setting the 2018 hair length standard. Polar opposites seemed to be the theme of the day when it came to the eternal dilemma of short or long locks.  Short hair made a strong showing in the Fendi, Prada and Giorgio Armani show.  Wet hair looks with tons of shine made it big throughout Fashion Week.  In addition to showcasing models who looked like they just stepped out of a rain shower, The shows in Paris, Milan and New York featured hairstyles full of luxurious curl and bounce.  The curly look was shown in long enveloping style and in cropped more masculine ways as well.
Curly, straight or wavy, the runway came to consensus that long hair is the next big thing.  While the short featured short cuts were highly stylized and memorable, long girly looks seemed to be the prevailing trend.
Easily recreate long coifs for your salon clients by using loose curls and or by combining the wet look.    Moreover, texture played an important role in featured 2018 trends during Fashion Week too.  So, whether your client has straight, wavy hair, or is sporting curls, you can give her a runway look.  You can use hair extensions to fill out her length or you can capitalize on their natural length.  The long hair that went over so big can be applied to any customer.


Want to create looks for clients that will stop traffic?  It is not just about fabulous hair, but in 2018, it will be the year of the nail.  We take many more risks when manicuring our hands and feet, than we used to.
Glitter, designs and color layering are all popular options now for customers who want a little extra in the glam department.
So, take a stroll down the runways of Fashion Week New York, London and Milan for a snapshot into the future of nails.  Stay on top of it and you can deliver la mode in a cutting -edge way.

According to Harper's Bazaar, design favorites like Deborah Lippman and Kate Spade  harnessed the power of dark mystery.  Glitter, black and deep red polishes found themselves center stage on model's perfect nails.    Dark grey also made an appearance at Fashion Week with a high gloss top coat.
Whether it was matte or high shine, the word of the day was brazen when it comes to mani and pedi style for 2018.   


As an homage to 2017, metallics were big and were worn as a base polish and as accents.  The cool metallic all over the nail would be a great suggestion for a sassy client ready for a night on the town.  On the other hand, a subtle thin line of gold around the cuticle over a nude polish will show the world that even the most cautious client has a little spring in her step.

Festive Combinations

Vogue reported quiet shades of pink on nails.  As a result, you can give the smoldering bad girl look with a combination of neutral with dark accents.  Libertine went a step further by applying crystal applique to a silvery nail.  There are so many options, talk to find out what they want to express through their manicure.  When you have a treasure chest teaming with sparkles, soft feminine shades that are totally combinable with sizzling hot dark possibilities are dazzling and endless.
Be more than a manicurist, be a stylist and help your clients define and execute their ideal.  Yet, in all this excitement about sparkle and dark hues that leaves your friends breathless, let's not forget about classic red. 


Red is back girls!

It is 2018, a year for fresh trends, so, come on, we are not going do it the same way.
Red made its appearance in all its high shine glory.    Use red in your customer's color repertoire to convey the ultimate paradox of an uncomplicated vixen.  Sometimes the power of red's simplicity is all you need to apply to make a statement of brash simplicity.


Nail Art
In all the furor over metallic and pairing strong shades of color, let's not forget that nail art is here to stay. Gucci delivered an unforgettable version in anticipation of a 2018 nail trend that you can easily hand to your customers.  Black polish with highly textured floral nail art topped with jewels and pearls.  Nail art kept popping up everywhere from a tiger inspired look by Kenzo to Fendi's florescent nail colors, to the imprinting of pithy words and phrases over a polish base.    Define a client 's image and help her tell the world who she really is by shouting it from her nails.  Refining style through an amazing manicure is a real art form.  2018 brings us a hair and nail landscape without barriers, so leap into the future and incorporate these trends into your bag of tricks. Make them your own and tailor them to your preferences and your client's personality.  Leave us a comment and tell us how you put your own spin on these hot trends.  Tag us on Instagram and send us pics of your original most couture inspired hair or nail masterpiece.

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Best high fashion hair and nails from designer runways.

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