Transcend Hair or Nail Artist: Help Clients Build Their Brand

Know Your Customers
Practice relationship management and get to know the gals u transform into style mavens. Understand their lifestyle and their professional demands and goals.

Ask yourself if you know answers to the following questions…
Who are they?
Who do they want to be?

Once you can answer those questions, step into fill their hair, nail or beauty void and become indispensable to them.

In addition to having a clear grasp of your customers’ wants, needs and motivation, hair and nail stylists also have a duty to understand the constant fashion changes that influence the seasonal evolution and the latest and greatest looks. Your role in the salon is not just to give a great haircut or turn your favorite brunette into a knockout sporting a sassy shade of blonde. These functions are key to being a great stylist, but every salonista also has a duty to guide customers toward what is trending in the fashion world.

Even your most traditional client and take a risk now and again. Your challenge is teaching them to adapt the wild artistry of the runway and make it their own. Take a deep breath, and come along for the ride while we show you some great examples of top accessory trends that you can keep in mind to craft hair looks for your client. Integrate their hair dos and don’ts into a streamlined look using the featured trends as a guide. These current accessories can be worn as haute couture, pret de porter or can be used to give a little glam to mundane street wear.

And The Hair Says It All!
Hair is one of the most versatile ways to make a stunning impression. We all have it, but not everyone knows just how to work it. Fashion authority Refinery 29 tells us that in 2018 less is more. Take a look at these examples of the classic bob. Whether you wear it big and curly or slicked back the bob is making a comeback in the New Year. Celebrity hair gurus show us just how fab a short and wet cut can be on her Instagram feeds.

Bangs are another trend you can integrate into customer’s hair wish list. Bangs are a fun way to add style to short or long look. In particular, the side bang is a good option for your customers who have a more subdued personal style. This easy look can be worn relaxed or highly stylized. It is versatile and falls beautifully with curly straight or wavy locks as well. Winter fall or summer suggest bang variations to clients looking for something fresh, but who do not want a dramatic shift.

Hair is a Mirror to the Soul
For clients with big personalities help them make a hair statement as grand as their energy! Try a mid length shag cut with tons of volume. Curly or wavy, any girl can make a statement and establish her fashion dominance with this trendy yet devil may care look. Tailor it to your favorite diva in your salon by adding highlights that flatter her eyes and coloring.

Let’s be blunt
Another take on the traditional bang that celebs have been sporting is the blunt cut bang. You know which of your salon patrons can rock this one--any career focused young professional--the young lady who maintains a crisp corporate style at work, but still fancies herself a slave to fashion when she leaves the office. Help her express her drive for detail and perfection with this reemerging classy, timeless classy cut.    

Putting It All Together
So it’s not just the hair that matters. Accessories are the numero uno way the coolest customers can distinguish themselves from the ordinary set. If you can help them select a uniform style, their choice of jewelry, barrette or handbag will complement their personal flair, and also highlight your expertly crafted hairstyle. The grand idea is to have a holistic strategy that aligns hair, accessories and manicure. Jewelry is a powerful accessory that heightens style strategy. Take a look at pieces that can establish a client’s identity.

Clearly this is Cool!
Vogue Paris reported on chunky crystal-like jewelry. Clear with facets, these statement pieces take their beauty cue from the glimmer of the light that is reflected by its crevices. Bold and modern, these jewelry must-haves appeared on the Paris runway but can be easily recommended for any client who wants to adopt a contemporary and feminine style. Any time you have a customer ready to adopt a somewhat edgy trend, look to the runways. The accessories used in the haute couture catwalks are easily tweaked for everyday use.

Work with each customer’s choice of hairstyle so she can influence the piece in a highly personal way, but be assured that the artistic nature of runway fashion and high end accessories will not be lost in the process.

Offering advice on types of jewelry to compliment customers’ hair is key. Please check out the great new ways that jewelry is being styled as hair accessories. Although, they are not to be worn at the same time as serious necklace or earring bling.


Celebrate the tresses with an air of decadence.

Designers are showcasing jewels made for adorning lustrous crowns of curls and waves. After you give your client the cut of a lifetime and give her the color she has always wanted. Get customers excited by Janelle Monae inspired hair accessories. Every major player from Gucci to Chanel to Versace showed truly fabulous hair accessories. From the whimsy of big flowers to the girly subtlety of gold barrettes, trendsetters crafted a cornucopia of embellishments for you to toss your clients’ way.


The old time nostalgia of bows is making a comeback juxtaposed against a backdrop of bling and sparkle. Everything from free-floating rhinestone and pearl encrusted hair ornaments flooded the runways. Not only is it great that these ornate looks are entering the mall near you, but your salon can celebrate the fact hair accessories are easy and affordable to recreate. This gorgeous trend offers a range of intensity that is very accessible. You can browse the internet with clients to give them hair style guidance that will showcase the accessories like a crown. In short, access your customers’ inner princess and design the hair approach best suited to give her a glittery boost with the hair jewelry that is all the rage.

Handbag Help
With myriad jewelry, and decorative hair choices currently available to spice up even the most traditional client’s repertoire, critics may say, why invest in a sassy handbag? With growing list of modern mobile must -haves, a great handbag is not a maybe but it is a must. Purses have two functions-utility and style. On the landscape for 2018 are quietly adorned bags. Fringe and studs mark the season’s brashest ways to make a statement. Rich color and unusual geometry dominate, so take a look at the range of possibilities from as the coolest ways to distinguish yourself through spring and summer this year. 3-D stars, circles and squares redefine how many devices or beauty products we can tuck invisibility in a handbag. These vividly dimensional shapes can provide a hint of edginess to a customer unwilling to take big risks. As you refine and cultivate relationships with your clients you can get a sense of which ladies need more pragmatism and which are just looking for prettiness in their pocketbook

Moreover, the question becomes how do you work with clients to create a singular theme for their personal style? Many of the messages sent by prevailing jewelry and hair accessory trends are loud and clear. Flashy, brash and sassy are here and they are here to stay.  Selecting which categories to go big in and where to pull back requires knowing your clients’ lifestyle and goals pretty well. If you are not an every two week hair or nail stylist for the customer, you may not know.          

You have to ask questions and be well versed about the current looks. Taking on an additional body of knowledge about the fashion universe will enhance the services you provide. Delivering personal styling guidance as a part of your standard services will give your hair or nail customers the feeling they want--feelings of confidence and strength. If they can feel sure that you can center their fashion strategy by approaching each facet of personal grooming uniformly, they will return again and again. Everyone wants to look fresh and beautiful. Not everyone has the time or interest in figuring out how to do it. In our super busy lives, you can take this mighty task off your customers’ plates. You will also ramp up customer loyalty and increase customer retention, if your instincts are keen. In the same vain, BluSand and Dip into Pretty aim to give hair and nail salon artists the tools to great success. We develop and market products like the Original Bleach Safe Towel that washes free of hair color or Acetone to reveal a clean fresh and pristine high quality towel. Always have the softest and cleanest towels in your salon to mark your salon’s commitment to delivering high-end white glove service.

In modern business environments customers expect to receive consistency and excellence. Let them see your epic attention to skill and detail. When you combine luxurious salon products with a thoughtful image consulting perspective in your service delivery, your salon’s growth potential is endless.

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