Bleach Resistant Towels For Your Home, Salon, Gym or Hotel

Bleach Resistant Towels For Your Home, Salon, Gym or Hotel

Bleach Resistant Towels

Bleach Resistant Towels For Your Home, Salon, Gym or Hotel

There is something luxurious about buying plush, new towels. They’re soft and thick, and they can add vibrant color to your home, salon, gym or hotel. Towels must be just as practical as they are luxurious, though. If they discolor, fade or wear out, what’s the point of using them? Whether you’re a busy parent, the owner of a professional establishment or someone who doesn’t want to wipe their face with a spotted, stained piece of cloth, choosing bleach safe towels can save you money and ensure that you always have a perfectly clean towel available. 

What Are Bleach Resistant Towels?

If you have ever turned your load of whites a soft shade of pink or blue, you’ve had experience with non-colorfast materials. Some fabric dyes are easily removed when they’re washed with certain detergents or warm water. Some bright colors can transfer directly to other materials. They can also fade with sunlight, heat, and chlorine.

Color Bleach Proof Towel

Colorfast dyes are more resilient. They’ll typically stand up better to harsh scrubbing and high heat, but they can lose their hue when they’re washed with bleach and other chemical stain removers.

Bleach proof towels look new even after they’ve been cleaned with chlorine-based solutions. Not all colorfast towels are bleach proof.

BleachSafe® technology extends the life of your towels by letting you launder them exhaustively, and the color won’t wash away no matter what type of bleach you use. The technology doesn’t affect the towel’s absorbency, and it doesn’t wear off over time.

Why Should You Wash Towels With Bleach?

Towels conveniently clean up messes that you might not want to touch with your hands. The fibers lock in dirt, germs and other microscopic particles, transferring them away from surfaces. In other words, towels are bacteria traps. If towels are kept in warm, moist environments, like bathrooms or a hamper, they’ll breed microorganisms that can make you sick.

In fact, Time reports that most people’s towels are dirtier than they think. Some bacteria stay alive even after towels are washed with regular laundry detergents. A 2003 MRSA outbreak among football players in California was linked to the sharing of towels on the field.

That thought might make you shudder even if you just share your towels with your family members. If you work in the beauty, hospitality or fitness industry, you probably see towels change hands daily or even hourly. In those cases, it’s especially important to sanitize your towels properly.

What Causes Bleach Spots On Towels?

It may seem obvious that using bleach in the laundry can discolor your towels. If you operate a facility that uses towels frequently, however, you want to make sure that you’re washing them appropriately. Using bleach on a towel that can’t withstand the chemical will lead to faded, discolored and dappled towels. Washing the material with the wrong detergent just one time can make it look old and worn.

Experts recommend replacing the bath towels in your home every two years. Consumers may expect their towels to last longer than that. Therefore, if your towels are looking distressed, you might wonder what causes the spots and how to prevent them from forming.

One sneaky cause of faded towels is benzoyl peroxide. It may be an ingredient in your acne spot treatment, face wash or moisturizer. Benzoyl peroxide resistant towels will look better for longer whether you use them at the gym or in your home.

Bath Towels

Whitening toothpaste can also discolor your towels. If you have some foam left in your mouth when you wipe it, you will likely start to notice spots on your towels over time.

Many people use cleaning products that contain bleach to sanitize their bathrooms. Some of this can splatter onto a towel. If you use a towel to wipe off the residue, it can quickly lose its color.

Towels that are used in a salon are exposed to a variety of chemicals every day. Hair coloring solutions can stain the cloth. Your towels might end up with bleach marks, or you may need to use bleach to remove some of the other stains.

Therefore, even if you don’t use bleach in your washing machine, your towels could still end up getting blanched. You could switch to white towels, but these can make the cozy setting of your home, salon or hotel feel clinical.

Baby in Bleach Proof Towel

4 Reasons To Choose Bleach Proof Towels

There are several reasons to use bleach resistant towels whether you use them for yourself or your clients.

1. Coordinate Your Décor

The right color palette goes a long way toward creating the perfect environment. At home, use towels to provide that pop of color that your bathroom needs without taking on a complex painting project.

At work, establish uniformity and strengthen your brand by using one color throughout your business. This is especially important for a salon, hotel or gym, where using a hodgepodge of hues can make things feel unprofessional.

2. Make Washing More Effective

Cold water won’t sanitize your towels. Neither will non-chlorine bleach. Whether you’re washing a towel that was used to mop up your infant’s diaper accident or a washcloth that a gym-goer will use to absorb sweat, you need to eliminate germs and maintain a healthy environment. Bleach proof towels can endure heavy sanitizing.

3. Buy Towels Less Frequently

If you can’t rescue a towel from stains, you’ll likely end up tossing it. This is especially true if you use towels in a professional environment. Repeatedly replacing towels can be costly.

When you use bleach safe towels, you can rest assured that they won’t lose their color from chemicals that might be on surfaces or your clients’ skin or hair. If the towels become stained, you can launder them with bleach to maximize the chances of removing the blemish.

4. Impress Your Clients And Guests

Stiff, scratchy towels can quickly impair your clients’ experience. Even if you run a meticulous workplace with impeccable standards, wrapping a stained towel around your customer’s neck is one way to make him or her cringe.

On the other hand, you can impress your patrons by using soft, plush towels that look as though they’ve never been touched. It may seem silly to place so much importance on something as trivial as a towel.

But imagine that you’ve spent some of your hard-earned cash to relax at a nice hotel for the evening. You head for the bathroom, imagining that you’ll take a nice, steamy shower before retiring for the night.

How would you feel if you shake out one of the folded towels to find a stain on it?

Smart Meetings says that 94 percent of people who responded to a survey about hotel cleanliness said that towel quality is vital to customer satisfaction. Cleanliness and softness were the most important factors. Thread count didn’t matter as much.

Bleach Safe Towels For Spas

If you’re not convinced, look up some negative hotel reviews. You’re likely to find many comments about the cleanliness of the towels. Therefore, if you want to set your business apart from the competition, you might want to improve your towel game.

The Original BleachSafe®Towel by BluSand Beauty comes in a variety of sizes and is double stitched to prevent fraying. It surpasses the quality of a traditional economy towel in thickness, color vibrancy, and softness. Keep your home and workplace free of germs while maintaining the highest aesthetic standards by using a BleachSafe® towel.

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