3.25" x 22" BleachSafe® Neck Strips

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Neck Strips are soft and absorb water and shampoo keeping your clients comfortable and dry.

BleachSafe® technology allows you to wash out tough stains that leave your towels looking dirty & old. No more need to only use black towels to cover up the stains! And because BleachSafe® renders the towels impervious to bleaches, you no longer need to worry about bleach spots ruining your towels. You can safely use Clorox or chlorine bleach without damaging or even fading the color! BleachSafe® technology is in each & every fiber and will last the life of the towel. It is NOT a coating, will NOT wash away and will NOT affect absorbency. Now it's easier to keep your towels looking fresh and clean.  They're perfect for salons, restaurants, coffee shops, and gyms.  

How to bleach towels by BleachSafe®: when using any bleach, follow the instructions given by the bleach manufacturer.

BleachSafe® Neck Strips are:
• Soft and fade resistant
• Absorbent and dry quickly
• Double stitched to prevent fraying
• 30% thicker than economy neck strips
• 100% BleachSafe®