Pro Color Stain Barrier & Remover

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Prevent • Repair • Optimize

The most important benefit of Pro Color Stain Barrier is that it "PROtects the skin, while allowing the gray hairs of the hairline and eyebrows to be completely colored". You must use on skin before as a color barrier to be able to use after as a color remover.

PRO Color Stain Barrier & Remover's Gentle, pH balanced, hypoallergenic formula with soothing Aloe PREVENTS and gently REMOVES unwanted color residue on the forehead, ears, neck and hands. 

Easy to apply. Absorbs quickly and dries clear on skin. Got rid of this sentence. PRO Color Stain Barrier & Remover protects skin as the gentle formula requires minimal or no rubbing. It works beautifully on sensitive skin that normally retains strong color stains as well as on skin treated by chemical peels. 

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Apply Pre Treatment to hairline. Perform color treatment. Shampoo hair and apply Post Treatment to skin and wipe off with wet towel or tissue. No more hair dye stains around the hairline. 

"PRO" Color Stain Barrier & Remover is excellent for removing brow and eye lash tinting. It is also an effective stain remover of tint and blood on clothing and surfaces. Always use cold water to activate product on non-skin surfaces.