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30"x58" BleachSafe® Blue Bath Towel (Set of 2)

30"x58" BleachSafe® Blue Bath Towel (Set of 2)

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Ultra-Premium Cotton bath towels are bleach, chlorine, & benzoyl peroxide resistant. Being both fade-resistant and fast drying, they are perfect for daily use! Our BleachSafe® technology allows for sanitizing your towels without having to compromise its quality, longevity, and luxurious feel.

Essential for home, hotels, health and fitness centers & more!

  • Woven of 100% Cotton.
  • Plush feel with 30% weight advantage over economy towels.
  • Hard-wearing and high-performance.
  • Highly absorbent & quick drying.
  • 100% bleach cleanable.
  • Stain & fade resistant.
  • Unaffected by Chlorine and Peroxide.
  • Sold as set of two.
  • Royal Blue in color.


  • Machine wash in hot water.
  • Use bleach products as instructed. 
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