Green Sprush® Hair Color Applicator- Retouching & Relaxers

Green Sprush® Hair Color Applicator- Retouching & Relaxers

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The perfect tool for Retouching and Relaxer Hair Applications.

The Sprush® is not only superior in performance, but it also cuts your application time in half - saving you time and money.  Try the Sprush® today and take your hair color application to the next level with precision and amazing results. Don't Brush, Sprush®! 

11 reasons why the Sprush® is better!

  1. Allows for total control of the product, reducing application time by as much as one-half.
  2. No residual color or chemicals after cleaning to affect next application as with a bristle brush.
  3. Smoothness of applicator tip prevents scratching around hairline and scalp as with a standard tint brush.
  4. Less back and forth motion and overlapping of product on already processed hair.
  5. Better smoothing without damage to the cuticle. 
  6. Relaxer does not press through the Sprush® to opposite side, which forces the technician to flip the handle as with a standard tint brush.
  7. Slimness of applicator tip allows product to be placed closer to scalp without actually touching the scalp.
  8. Great for sensitive scalps.
  9. The Sprush® can be wiped clean at station, with no rinsing necessary.
  10. No loose bristles to fall out as with a standard tint brush.
  11. Various sizes for different applications. 


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