BleachSafe® Towels are the Best for any Salon

You know the trends. You carefully decorate your salon and you keep current with all the latest color techniques. So why aren’t you retaining customers? We all know that building a large and loyal customer base is the key to success in the salon industry... So how do you do it? Remind your customers of your talent and professionalism in every aspect of your space. You have already purchased a top of the line espresso maker and beautiful furniture for the salon, but what are your products and accessories saying about you?

When your clients see your stylists use BleachSafe® towels from BluSand, they will have confidence in your ability to give them a great holiday look. There’s nothing like the look and feel of the BleachSafe® towel’s high-quality cotton. BleachSafe® towels are uniquely soft and gentle, AND allow you to wash and bleach out stains from hair dyes as well as repel staining from hair bleaches. Your clients will be reassured that your salon delivers the best by the fresh and clean look of your BleachSafe® towels.

The hair and beauty industry is competitive and a stained towel will send customers seeking a bold and rich hair color, running to your nearest competitor. So don’t just display your festive decorations this year. Show off your ever clean and soft BleachSafe® towels to your holiday customers. Distinguish your salon in the way you provide the highest levels of products and watch your clients’ confidence in you increase at the same rate as your business. The stakes to create stunning hair color transformations are higher during the holidays but don’t stress. Seize the opportunity to flaunt your commitment to excellence and grow your business.