BleachSafe® Towels

Meet the ultimate all-purpose towel. BleachSafe® technology allows you to wash out tough stains that leave towels looking dingy & old. Our soft & lightweight 100% cotton color towels can tackle all tasks without concern because they can safely be washed in bleach, or peroxide without damage or fading. BleachSafe® technology is integral to each & every 100% cotton fiber, keeping color bright and fresh throughout the life of your towels.

Benefits Of BleachSafe®

Bleachsafe® keeps your towels clean and your life moving forward.

If you use regular towels for your chores, you are well aware they don't hold up for very long. More than just hardworking, our 100% cotton loops are absorbent, quick to dry, and made to withstand years of regular use for those who like their towels resiliant, soft and looking new. BleachSafe® technology uses an exacting vat dye process with pigments with a different chemical structure than regular fiber reactive dyes so the highest degree of color fastness is maintained.

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