BleachSafe® Salon Towels. Peroxide & Bleach Resistant Towels

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White Bleach Proof Towels 16
16" x 28" BleachSafe® Salon Towels
$26.00 /dozen
Wine Bleach Proof Salon Towels 15
15" x 26" BleachSafe® Salon Towels
$28.00 /dozen
Black Bleach Proof Washcloth
13" x 13" BleachSafe® Washcloths
Regular price $18.00
Brown Bleach Proof Neck Strips
3.25" x 22" BleachSafe® Neck Strips
$12.00 /dozen

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BleachSafe® Towels can be found in the most luxurious hotels, spa's, and salons around the world. 

What Are The Best Salon Towels?

BleachSafe® towels are the best towels salon owners can buy. They are soft, plush, and you can safely use Clorox or chlorine bleach without damaging or even fading the color!

Why Are Hotels Making The Switch To BleachSafe® Towels?

Hotel towels are required to be soft, plush, clean, and bleach proof. Due to the high standards and modern color towel requirements, many hotels are making the switch to BleachSafe® towels. Our towels, hand towels, and washcloths are Peroxide & Bleach Resistant so you can use color towels without worry.