Fall in Love with Autumn Colors: Hair Color Trends for the New Season

Fall in Love with Autumn Colors: Hair Color Trends for the New Season


A scientific fact: that color that leaves turn in autumn was always hiding within their summer green. Just like those leaves, the color possibilities for your clients’ hair need to emerge with the transition from summer to fall. It’s going to get cooler out, and we’re all pulling on our long sleeve tops and jackets—but your client’s hair color should signal their own style no matter the month. It’s your task to bring them up to speed with the best of fall’s colors and trends.

Endless Summer

Autumn trends are favorable for those who choose to defy the seasonal change. You can be sneakier and work in warmer hues on your client’s summer ‘do. If they’ve got darker roots but lighter hair, and want to keep it that way, there are those who still believe that surfer blonde is the way to ride out the end of the year. After all, a little summer nostalgia never hurt anyone.

If your clients are feeling at ease with the transition, and want a look just right for an apple-picking outing, you can make them a little dreamy as a “creamy blonde!” This look may be that last perfect blast of summer warmth. Be warned: you may have created a dangerous distraction for others out doing that apple picking!

To help bring out some of the bright for those autumn blondes, BluSand has a hair lightener. When used with Sprush® applicators, the lightener can bring out the best results, enhancing desired effects.

All Treat without the Tricks

For the brunettes to the noirettes, the colors this autumn are as sweet as what you’ll find in a trick-or-treat bag! Some of the loveliest ladies of stage, screen and the runways are craving chocolate: Warm chocolate to be exact! The trend gives depth to straighter styles and deepens the texture for the more abundant. For those who want tasty lighter hair tones, those caramel highlights are calling! There will be some confusion if the trip to hair salon starts to seem like a trip to the candy store!

Firelight and Moonlight

If you get the chance to find a crimson maple leaf, take some time to reflect on its deep redness. After the reflection that level of red, go deeper with your redhead clients. You can trot out a bright cheery cherry; or deepen it with some cinnamon.

The colors and tones for redheads will always run spicy, but if you have a client who wants to bring on the cool, the range of grey shadings may be the wildest look for the end of the year. There’s a great demand for a stone/metallic look, from charcoal to silver, and on to platinum. If they want the “moon-touched” look, BluSand’s got the perfect Sprush® applicator to work in the moonlight!

Summer may be over, but the colors on hand for this coming season are cause for celebration! BluSand has the colors to help your clients look hot when the nights get cold. BluSand’s variety of Sprush® applicators and lighteners will achieve the perfect autumn look!


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