Why Are Hotels Making the Switch to BleachSafe Towels?

Why Are Hotels Making the Switch to BleachSafe Towels?

Bleach Safe Towels For Hotels

Why Are Hotels Making the Switch to BleachSafe® Towels?

Hotel towels are required to be soft, plush, clean, and bleach proof. Due to the high standards and modern color towel requirements, many hotels are making the switch to BleachSafe® towels. In this article, we discuss why do they find this brand so reliable. Take a look at why others are making the switch and why you should be too.

Walking into a luxurious hotel room can be the beginning of a perfect vacation, honeymoon, or business getaway.

Getting out of the marble shower and realizing your towel is a scratchy thread worn mess takes a lot of that perfection away.

There's nothing that makes you feel less pampered than a stained and stiff towel in your hotel bathroom. In fact, 94% of hotel patrons ranked towels as a top priority in their overall satisfaction in a hotel.

So, as a hotelier, how do you give your patrons a soft fluffy towel every time while also making sure each towel is properly sanitized?

Heavy bleaching is required in the hospitality industry to make sure germs aren't spread around to different guests.

This is why hotels are turning to BleachSafe® towels for their hotel rooms.

Here we discuss what sets BleachSafe towels apart from the competition and why hotels and other service industries are making the switch for good.

Why You Need To Bleach Towels

Makeup Removal TowelsTowels are the dirtiest thing in the room, any room, especially a hotel room. Towels offer the perfect environment for bacteria, germs, and mold to thrive. This is because towels are primarily used and hung up damp in bathrooms and kitchens. Bathrooms are kept dark most of the day and are warmer than other rooms in your house since there is near constant use of hot water.

Kitchens are not as dark but have a lot of warmth from cooking activities. Towels can also pick up foodborne pathogens while wiping counters and sinks.

Where do bacteria love to live, spawn, and reproduce? Dark, warm, moist environments.

Towels are so good at trapping the little buggers that regular washing won't even get them clean. If you are only using a regular detergent even the hottest cycle on your machine can't kill all the organisms present.

The only way to make sure your towels are completely clean and sanitized is to bleach them with chlorine bleach. You need to be doing this every few days.

In service industries, like hotels, there needs to be a complete sanitation after every check out in the hotel.

In a business like a salon, some towels are being bleached and sanitized multiple times per day.

This process is hell on towels and only allow for service industries to use white towels. This is why having bleach resistant towels can set your business apart.

Imagine being able to get your towels completely sanitized while having them match your decor and remaining cushiony soft.

This is where bleach resistant towels come in.

Why Are Hotels Making the Switch to BleachSafe® Towels?

As we have established, towels are the dirtiest germ traps in the world. Their entire job is to absorb anything that comes in contact with them.

Whether they have been used to absorb water from a freshly showered hotel guest or to clean up a dropped egg on the floor they will absorb it just the same.

The towel fibers cling on for dear life to the particles attached to it.

How do you clean all that yuck out of those towels? The truth is that most people don't.

Even if you think you're cleaning your towels, the fact is that towels require chlorine bleach and high water temperatures to become fully sanitized.

But, how do you bleach colored towels?

Even bleaching white towels can leave them less than superb in texture. It's a shame to spend a bunch of money on linens and see them ruined in the wash.

Also, using all white towels isn't any fun. Towels are a great way to pop some color into your hotel's decor.

If you can only use white for sanitization it can make rooms look quite sterile.

While color safe bleaches now exist they are not meant for sanitation. They will not fully sanitize the towels for your next guest.

You need another solution if you want colored towels in your hotel room.

What Sets BleachSafe® Towels Apart From Regular Towels?

Bleach Safe Color Towels

Regular towels are amazing when you first buy them. They are soft and comfortable.

But, when they are put through the rigors of hotel room towel life they can quickly become dingy and rough.

Towels are put through the ringer in a busy hotel. Between makeup removal, fash washing, showers, and mess cleanup hotel towels take a beating.

In order to keep the towels, clean hotels must put them through a very harsh chemical bleaching process. This is the only tried and true way to kill any bacteria that may be present.

The problem with this process is it quickly begins destroying the towels.

It shortens their shelf life and forces owners to purchase towels more often than they need to. Bleaching can cause spots in the fabric, yellowing, make the fabric rough and scratchy to the touch.

All of this can lead to guest dissatisfaction when they enter their hotel room. This is why more and more hotels are looking to bleach safe alternatives.

Bleach resistant towels are a solution because it allows hoteliers to give their customers the luxury experience they want.

Towels no longer have to be white because bleach safe towels come in a variety of colors.

These bleach proof towels offer the best experience while still keeping the guests safe from germs and bacteria.

Towels: The Most Important Item for Guest Satisfaction

So, now that we have covered the sanitary reasons let's get down to what your guests can actually see.

One of the most prevalent things in poor hotel reviews are comments on the amenities. Right up there with a stained bedsheet is gross towels.

Thin, small, overbleached towels aren't cutting it anymore. Not in the land of internet reviews.

Internet reviews can make or break any service based business. Customers are savvier than ever before and they expect a higher level of service.

When guests can see pictures of every hotel room in the area every detail counts.

Rates are comparable on a certain service level so the little things become super important. The last thing you want is a less than stellar towel stealing your thunder.

Soft Towels

According to this survey, towels were number two on the most important things about a hotel room.

Guests want soft, large, fluffy, luxurious, towels. The bigger and fluffier the towel the more expensive the room feels.

There's nothing better than checking into a fancy hotel room and getting a nice big comfy white robe. Same goes for the towels.

Guests want large towels that make them special and pampered. Guests want to feel like they are in a nice spa when they walk into your hotel room bathroom. Travelers are more discerning now and have so many options.

Offering your guests plenty of oversized soft towels upon check-in makes them happier. It also encourages the guests to use them more than once.

Most hotels, in an effort to conserve water and help the environment, ask their guests to hang the towel up if they would like to use it again.

This helps avoid unnecessary washing and also lengthens the life of the linens.

But why would a guest want to reuse a ratty threadbare towel? It barely got them dry in the first place and felt horrible on their skin. It's much easier to get a guest to reuse a soft and enjoyable towel.

Giving them something of quality garners a guests respect and helps them do what you want and use it more than once.

Clean, Soft, and Pretty

As a hotelier, your guest should be your top priority. Hotels are setting themselves apart by choosing BleachSafe® towels for their hotel rooms.

As we have discussed, not only do they allow for completely clean fibers but they give your guest a luxury experience.

BleachSafe® towels come in a variety of colors and always remain soft and completely clean.

They come in affordable bulk bundles and are comparably priced to traditional hotel towels.

You can use them twice as long as the competition because they are made to withstand the beating of constant sanitation.

They stand up the super high heat and harsh chemicals required to make sure a towel, the dirtiest thing in any room, is actually clean.

Want to check them out and see if they are right for your hotel rooms?

Our towels come in a few different sizes. You can check out the larger here and one slightly smaller here.

We also offer washcloths that stand up to the same beating as our original large bath towels here.

You'll be able to see the variety of vibrant colors the towels come in and choose what's best for your decor. We have everything from orange to navy as well as the standard black and white.

Looking to learn more? Check out our other blog articles here for more information about how BleachSafe® towels can help a number of industries.

Have some more questions? We are happy to help! Reach us anytime here and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

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