Will chlorine spots leave bleach on the towels?

No, the original towel color will not be affected.

How do I best remove stains?

We suggest trying to wash the towels in hot water first. If stains persist, wash them in cool water with chlorine bleach. (Please follow the instructions given by the bleach manufacturer).

Do I need to wash them chlorine bleach very time?

No, only if you have tough stains you would like to remove or if you want to make sure to get rid of germs. You can try to wash in very hot water first if you don’t want to use bleach.

Can I let them soak in chlorine bleach?

We don’t recommend it. The towels are 100% cotton and bleach will eventually destroy the fabric.

Will the towels fade at all?

They are fade “resistant” not fade “proof”. Over time the towels will fade slightly as they show wear and tear in general. HOWEVER, they hold up much longer than most ordinary towels.

How long will they stay fade resistant?

For the life of the towels. The technology is not a coating, it is in the fibers and therefore will not wash away.

Are the towels absorbant?

Because BleachSafe® is not a coating, the towels maintain their absorbency.

Are the towels stain resistant?

No.  They will stain however you will be able to bleach out the color of the stains without leaving bleach spots on the towels. In other words, easy stain removal.