Deep royal glitter manicure with light gold french tips.

2017 Holiday Hot Nail Trends

What's Hot for the Holidays
Nail Trends for the 2017 holiday celebration scene range from blingy to dramatic. Give your clients the gift of glitter by finishing off the perfect manicure with one shimmering coat of gold confetti polish.  Apply it over a super shiny lacquer for a one - two knockout punch of glitz. 

Keep them Au Currant on Style Solutions

This New Year's Eve, you have the power to boost your Mani - Pedi clients' look from ordinary to high performance with easy enhancements.  Advise your clients to don metallic accents that are both elegant and glamorous. Suggest bright Vibrant Reds. Deep Burgundy, Scarlet and Va Voom Violet nail polish bases will let your customers dance the night away in high nail style and jump aboard the haut couture superhighway.    A bold silver stripe along the cuticle or fat chunk along the top of the nail will bring holiday revelers' eyes straight to clients’ fingers and will beg the question, "Who does your nails"? 

Blast Off Your Comfort Zone 
Don't Be Shy 
Take a risk and suggest polish with Sexy Deep Greens, Bright Blues and of course not so Basic Black.  Don't let the champagne cork be the only thing popping at midnight.  All eyes will be glued to ladies sporting these engaging colors.  Holiday Vixens, it’s your job to help them create a holiday to remember while clients ring in the New Year with an old favorite that you redesign.  Nail art and its striking geometry is always a cool way to infuse some drama into gals who are sparkle averse.   

Finally, for our quieter divas who favor tradition, take a contemporary shot at delivering a hot French Manicure.  Apply Shocking Pinks paired with a Subtle Silver hue in lieu of tried and true White.  This color switcheroo will kick a more sedate mode into high gear just in time for New Year’s.   

Salon Strategy for Success 
So, what do you need to transform your clients into holiday trendsetters?  You need great ideas, but you also need the best tools. Blu Sand Beauty makes the Original BleachSafe® towel, essential in providing great manicures and pedicures, making customers feel special.  The bright colors and extra soft cotton washes easily to restore the towel to a fresh and highly professional look.  Show them style in collaboration with substance by stocking up on a variety of BleachSafe® Towels.  It will distinguish your salon as top-notch and cutting-edge. You will see business results-- true customer loyalty.    So join thousands of world class hair and nail salons who use the towels that beautifully resist staining from acetate.  Select BleachSafe® Towels in the most festive colors and add to your salon's seasonal motif.

Pass It On 
Spread the word about the hottest sensation to hit the beauty industry in years this holiday time; Pedi Spacers by Dip Into Pretty®.  Add to your customer’s pedicure pleasure, offer them to buy for themselves or as gifts, or give to your staff as a stocking stuffer. One thing is sure, they will love them.  They are fun and functional.  Easy to wear barefoot or with flip flops.  Help your customers protect their fabulous new pedicure. Immerse yourself in fabulous and check out Pedi Spacers for a beautiful pedicure experience.

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