7 Incredible Benefits of Bleach Resistant Towels

7 Incredible Benefits of Bleach Resistant Towels

Benefits of Bleach Resistant Towels

7 Incredible Benefits of Bleach Resistant Towels

In order to choose the best towels for your salon, consider everything it will be used for including haircuts, coloring, and even bleaching. Bleach resistant towels offer an additional layer of protection. Find out more benefits and discover why bleach resistant towels are the best choice for your salon.

If you run a salon, then you know how important it is to keep towels around at all times. Whether you're providing someone with a quick wash or giving them a complete haircut and coloring, you'll want to have towels handy for your customers. 

But you shouldn't use any old towels for your salon. Instead, you should stick with bleach resistant towels and keep them stocked.

The most obvious reason for this is that you'll want to avoid discoloring towels when doing coloring or bleaching for customers. But there are also so many other incredible benefits that will come along with using bleach resistant towels.

Here are some the advantages you will get to enjoy when you incorporate bleach safe towels into your salon.

1. Your Towels Will Always Look Nice for Your Customers

When your customers walk into your salon, the last thing they want to be greeted with is dingy towels that have discolorations all over them.

While these towels might get the job done, they will also make your customers feel uncomfortable and cause them to question your commitment to cleanliness.

Customers at a salon want to feel relaxed. They want to know that you are making every effort to put their minds at ease.

If you hand them a towel that has a big stain on it, they might cringe and think twice about coming back to you in the future.


With bleach resistant towels, you won't ever have to worry about this. You can wash your towels with bleach and remove stains caused by hair products.

It will look and feel like you're handing your customers a brand-new towel every time they visit your salon. They'll appreciate this when they're having their hair done by you.

2. You Will Be Able to Buy Different Colored Towels

Many salon owners are under the impression that they have to buy nothing but white towels for their customers.

If you want white and like the clean look of it, then you should go ahead and buy bleach resistant white towels for your salon.

Bleach Resistant Color Towels

But one of the great things about bleach safe towels is that you can buy them in any number of colors. From red and blue to yellow and orange, you can purchase towels that fit the theme of the rest of your shop.

It's a good idea to mix some white towels into the rotation since many people enjoy using white towels at a salon. But you'll no longer be limited in what you can choose as far as towel color is concerned.

3. You Will Be Able to Get Your Towels as Clean as Possible

The towels that you use in your salon are probably filthy at the end of the day. They more than likely have germs, bacteria, and more all over them.

Washing Towels

You want all of that to be removed from the towels before you fold them and start handing them out to your customers. The best way to get them as clean as possible is by washing them with bleach.

If you don't have bleach resistant towels, it'll be impossible to use bleach safely on your towels, especially if you have colored towels.

But if you do have bleach safe towels, it'll be simple to add bleach to each load of laundry you do. The bleach will work to get your towels clean so that they don't have any lingering chemicals on them when you pass them out to your clients. Just like any other material, it is recommended to wash the towels separately or with other like colors. 

4. You Will Find Bleach Safe Towels in Many Different Sizes

As a salon owner, you need towels in many different sizes to use in your shop throughout the course of a day.

You need large towels to wrap your clients' hair up during the coloring process. You also need small towels to wipe your hands off. You even need medium-sized towels to place over your clients' shoulders when they're getting their hair washed.

There are bleach resistant towels in just about any size that you could possibly imagine. Some salon owners mistakenly believe that you can only find bleach safe towels in large sizes. But that simply isn't true.

No matter what size towels you're looking for, you will be able to find bleach safe options. It'll allow you to pass out towels to your customers for any occasion.

5. Your Towels Will Last A Long Time

If you use regular towels in your salon right now, then you're probably well aware of the fact that they don't hold up for very long.

Within just a few days of being put into the rotation, your regular towels are probably covered in stains and discolorations. It can be tough for them to stand up to everything you throw at them.

As a result, you will usually have to replace regular towels quickly. It's not uncommon for a salon to use a regular towel just a few times before having to buy another one to replace it.

You won't have to deal with this problem anymore with bleach resistant towels.

For starters, bleach safe towels won't accumulate stains and discolorations. They will maintain their same original look and feel after every wash.

Bleach safe towels will also maintain their integrity thanks to their 100 percent cotton construction. Each time you wash them, bleach-safe towels will bounce back to their original form.

These towels are known to be very durable. You won't have to replace them often at all. As long as you care for them properly, you can keep the same towels for months and even years without anyone noticing.

6. You Won't Have to Spend a Fortune on Towels Anymore

As a salon owner, you're always spending money. You're buying hair supplies. You're buying equipment to do hair.

There are so many expenses you have to deal with!

Saving Money

Why add another one by constantly investing in new towels? It will reduce the amount of money you're making.

Salon-quality towels are not usually cheap. That means that you could be forced to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year to keep your towel supply stocked.

You can cut down on your towel costs by investing in bleach resistant towels that won't need to be replaced nearly as often as regular ones.

You will need to make a slightly larger investment in bleach safe towels at the beginning. But that investment will pay off in a big way over time once you realize how infrequently you'll need to replace your salon's towels.

7. Your Towels Will Set the Tone for the Rest of Your Salon

Salon owners should take pride in the salons they have set up. They should put an emphasis on cleaning their salons and making them look nice.

If you don't have bleach resistant towels, it will be awfully difficult for you to do that. Even if everything else sparkles, your dingy old towels will drag down the aesthetic appeal of your salon.

When you make it a point to invest in bleach safe towels, you will set the tone for everything in your salon. You will let your employees know that you expect them to take steps to make everything else look presentable.

Using bleach-safe towels in your salon might seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of things. But people will notice if you don't use clean towels that look new. It'll reflect poorly on your salon and on you as a salon owner.

Avoid this at all costs by buying bleach safe towels for salons and using them all the time. It'll go a long way towards ensuring that customers come back to your salon over and over again.

Starting Using Bleach Resistant Towels Now

Would you like to order bleach resistant towels for your salon? Whether you want a large 16" x 28" Original BleachSafe® Towel or smaller 13" x 13" BleachSafe® Washcloths, you can find the right options for your salon today. They will enhance the look of your salon and appeal to your customers more than your current towels.

Check out our blog for information on the other products you should use in your salon.

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