Winter Is Stunning! Blazing Colors for the Coming Cold

Winter Is Stunning! Blazing Colors for the Coming Cold

True or false? Winter is characterized by 2 tones, white and gray. If you say “true,”
you forgot about the equatorial regions where color continues to flourish even if it
gets a drop cooler—and if it’s further north, you’ll get the blazing brilliance of
auroras at twilight.

Seeing winter as drab edged with bleak is a failure of imagination. If you’re not
inspired by the richness of colors and tones, your clients’ approach to your clients’
hair color is going to be affected. The results could be as dreary as that slush
puddle you’re about to step in. It doesn’t have to be that way if you keep your eyes
open, and pay heed to what stylists are seeing as upcoming trends for the winter

Blizzard of Brights
Prevailing trends are all about keeping colors bright as a contrast to outfits that can
run monochrome. Layering up the blonde highlights can make you shine and warm
up your look.

If you’re working with rich red hair, going with a brighter tone will offer the right
flair, especially if you have light eyes and fair skin. Chances are your clients have
been watching Game of Thrones: they see how Sansa Stark stands out against those
snowy backdrops. BluSand’s red Sprush® applicator can transport a look from 5 th
Avenue bland to Winterfell glam with just a few “Sprush®”-strokes.

Dazzling Darks
If you hear the question, “Does going darker have be depressing?” your client is
probably getting bad advice or using the wrong products from the wrong companies. Flip through any style magazine and you’ll see some of the sweet delights on hand for brunette to noir.

Top stylists are talking up the range of ombre styles for brunettes and moving that
robust look down into year’s end. Some amazing ladies of renown are blowing up
social media feeds rocking decadent darks. Chocolate ombre—especially how it
looks on Priyanka Chopra or Selma Hayek—only sweetens the deal.

If sugar isn’t your clients’ thing, remind them: you can always go darker! Daring?
Perhaps, but it is genius to make an iconic statement by going blacker. That glossy
sheen will shimmer like the northern lights on a snowy night. If you want to draw
that kind of admiration, you can use a black Sprush® applicator to deepen that

Holiday Gifts
In the coming weeks full of holiday parties and gatherings, there’ll be a lot of
appointments to book with clients searching for the best look. A palette full of
festive colors is the gift you’re bringing to them. BluSand’s Sprush® applicators
are made to transform hair color and make your client their holiday party’s
highlight. BluSand’s Original BleachSafe® Neck Strips and towels are ideal to
work with staying tidy and stain-free. BleachSafe® technology is built into the
fibers of the towel and neck strips and not a chemical coating. With the right
applicators and accessories, you and your clients’ holidays will stay bright.

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